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Antiguo 27-oct-2005, 13:22   #1
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Predeterminado antivirus-antispyware... los mejores!

Mucha gente va preguntando kual es el mejor anitvirus... o el mejor antispyware... o lo ke les proteja mejor su ordenador.... weno... aki les dejo una informacion:

TOP 7 antivirus

1) Platinum Internet Security 2005
Panda Software's Platinum Internet Security 2005 combines antivirus, firewall, and spam filtering along with its new TruPrevent Technology. Both and ICSA Labs have tested the TruPrevent claims of behavioral, non-signature detection of new malware. And both have found the claims to be true. (TruPrevent Technology can also be purchased separately as an add-on to other antivirus protection).

2) PC-cillin Internet Security 2005
Building on its solid antivirus capabilities, PC-cillin Internet Security 2005 includes spam and spyware protection, wireless device protection, firewall, privacy data protection, parental controls, and a year's free tech support via a toll-free number. The software automatically checks for new virus updates every 3 hours and the spam prevention includes a whitelist, blacklist, and Bayesian filter - all at a price substantially lower than many other antivirus suites.

3) BitDefender Professional Edition
Softwin's BitDefender Professional protects against viruses, spyware, and instant messaging threats, as well as offering firewall rules to block undesirable traffic and a privacy gateway to keep your identity and preferences private while surfing the Internet.

4) ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is best suited for computer-savvy users who want to know a great deal about what is happening on their system. Properly addressed, this type of permission-based reporting can offer great protection - but it's only as effective as the user's ability to make the right decision.

5) F-Prot for Windows
F-Prot for Windows continues to impress with its stellar performance on virus detection tests. The interface is extremely pleasing - easy enough for novice users to navigate yet sophisticated enough for the more advanced. An excellent addition to any antivirus arenal. Should be used in conjunction with a firewall.

6) Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal
Kaspersky offers excellent antivirus protection, perhaps unsurpassed in its ability to recognize various compression algorithms and accurately detect infected files contained within the archives. However, their interface is rather convoluted and may be best suited to more advanced users. Should be used in conjunction with a firewall.

7) G Data AntiVirusKit 2005 (AVK)
AntiVirusKit 2005 (AVK) provides a double layer of protection, bundling two of the best antivirus engines - Kaspersky and BitDefender - under a single, easy-to-use console. Using these engines, AVK was the only product out of 35 tested by in 2004 to achieve 100% detection of both the basic WildList viruses and its more comprehensive collection of zoo viruses. An ideal standalone scanner for those who desire an ala carte solution.

TOP 6 Spyware scanners

1) Platinum Internet Security 2005
Panda Software's Platinum Internet Security 2005 has almost legendary detection and removal rates. In our tests, Panda Platinum stopped 92% of the active adware/spyware processes and 100% of all BHOs and Toolbars. It comes with TruPrevent technology, which both ICSA Labs and found to be highly effective against previously unknown threats. It also sports a robust antivirus scanner, firewall, and a bevy of other Internet security features.

2) Webroot Spy Sweeper
Spy Sweeper removed 100% of the miscreant BHOs and Toolbars in our tests and stopped 84% of the active processes associated with adware and spyware. Spy Sweeper is a standalone spyware scanner and not a full-fledged Internet security suite, thus it is best used in conjunction with antivirus and firewall software.

3) Sunbelt CounterSpy
Sporting above average detection for only $19.99, CounterSpy offers inexpensive protection, an easy-to-use interface and US-based tech support.

4) Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta)
Microsoft AntiSpyware is offered free and, like CounterSpy, sports above average detection rates. The product is still considered beta and tech support is not provided. Despite these setbacks, it can provide a good second opinion. However, Microsoft AntiSpyware and CounterSpy should not be installed on the same system, as they both share common components.

5) Spybot Search & Destroy
Free for personal use, Spybot doesn't have stellar removal rates. It does, however, provide TeaTimer and SDHelper which are extremely effective at preventing adware and spyware from gaining a foothold on your computer. So while you may not want to rely on it for detection and removal, you may want to install and activate it alongside other protection to help keep your system spyware-free.

6) Hijack This
Another free utility, Hijack This isn't a traditional spyware scanner. It will, however, provide a full report of what's active on your system. Experienced users can peruse the report, identify the miscreants, and use Hijack This to disable the unwanted loading (or do so manually). Less experienced users can save the Hijack This log and send it to a more savvy friend for advice.

Informacion de:

logicamente la eleccion de un antivirus (u otro software se seguridad) depende de lo que buskes, de como sea tu ordenador, de tu experiencia, criterio, etc, etc...

PD: links de interes!!!
Otros TOP:,16039.0.html (ke es un spyware?),34434.0.html (antivirs, descargas... gracias Popeye),25156.0.html (antivirs y otros..),38936.0.html (+ d lo mismo),38122.0.html (anti spy's),24569.0.html,24571.0.html (programas antispyware, ke agregan su spyware),16616.0.html ("opiniones"),36835.0.html (mas opiniones...)

Este boton -->

I finalmente el amigo

Espero ke les pueda servir de ayuda!
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Antiguo 27-oct-2005, 15:34   #2
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Predeterminado Re: antivirus-antispyware... los mejores!

muy buena informacion
terreviento está desconectado   Responder Citando
Antiguo 27-oct-2005, 15:44   #3
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Predeterminado Re: antivirus-antispyware... los mejores!

hola amigos.

veran mucha gente me dice que mejor es tener el original, que el pirata o el crack.

Dicen porque el original escanea mejor que el pirata...

No se si sea cierto.
Pero creo que hay algo de verdad en esto.
Alguien me puede decir si existe alguna ventaja sobre el original y el crack? o que diferencias existe entre ambos??

De vras por que me deja en duda ya que me dicen que es mas seguro tener un original que un pirata o un crack.

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